I pulled on the picture frame with as much force as I could muster, but it still was impossibly heavy, as if frozen in place. I turned around and punched the mirror repeatedly, but it didn’t even flinch, let alone shatter. I ran into the living room and saw my grandson Owen sitting on his couch, watching TV.

“Owen! Owen it’s me, your grandfather!”

Owen paid me no response, his attention firmly fixated on the TV.

“The TV! That’s it!”

I walked to the end of the room and ran at the TV, bashing it with my shoulder. Nothing. I tried again, throwing myself at the TV as my legs left the ground. Static appeared on the TV as a cable fell out behind it. A brief look of confusion appeared on Owen’s face as he stood up and approached me. I shouted as loud as I could in Owen’s face.

“Owen! It’s your grandfather! Don’t you remember me? Remember me Owen!”

An overwhelming feeling of warmth encompassed me as my grandson passed through me. He was fixing the TV.

“You can’t forget me Owen! Don’t forget me Owen! You’re the only one left!”

Everything began growing around me as my grandson walked back to his seat. I looked down at where my feet once were to see that I wasn’t shrinking, I was descending into the floor.

In one last pathetic attempt to garner his attention, I punched the floor repeatedly as my waist descending into the darkness.

“Don’t let me die again Owe-” my face was almost fully submerged.

Owen looked down at me in disgust.

“Fucking neighbours. Shut the fuck up down there!”


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